Mahjong 3D free 1.2.1


Mahjong 3D free

The legendary board game now in 3D!

Mahjong Solitare also known as Shanghai Solitaire, Kyodai Mahjong.

Try your logic skills in 3 dimensions and spend some time with profit for your mind :-)

This is the free fully functional version of our Mahjong Solitaire 3D. The difference is few layout variants.

The main features:

- 6 languages support (EN, RU, IT, FR, DE, ES)
- true 3D mode (OpenGL ES);
- 16Mb VM Heap size (256 Mb RAM) minimum;
- different variations of textures, backgrounds;
- two difficulty levels (different matrix generation algorithms);
- 12 layout variants (more in paid version);
- layout constructor (See InfoNet for manuals);
- viewport rotation control by finger slide, trackball or orientation sensor;
- tile movement animation;
- high smoothness ( 168 tiles test > 30fps on Adreno200 GPU );

System requrements:

- Android OS 2.1 or higher;
- Hardware OpenGL ES 1.1 or higher;
- 400x240 screen resolution or higher; (do not install on devices with lower resolutions. Game field will be cutted.)
- Touchscreen;
- Orientation sensor (optional);
- Trackball (optional);

WARNING! This version is not purposed for tabs. We will release special version for tabs later.

*We recommend higher screen resolution for comfortable symbol reading. 320x480 provides a comfort level of reading, 800x480 or higher - the best.

If you have any problems with the game, please remember that we can not test the game on all devices and also all devices have different numbers of their own bugs, so do not rush to put a bad rating, tell us about the problem as detailed as possible and we will try to fix it.


A few words about the advertising for people who sending us angry responses and comments.
You hate ads and don't want to pay just one dollar for a version without ads.
Try to imagine: your boss comes to you and says - "I will not pay you any money but you will work". What you tell him?
Think about it.

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OS:Android 2.1 and up